Our freeze drying process is carried out in a large machine called “The Freeze Dryer”, where the moisture within the cellular tissue of the flowers is frozen solid in the freeze drying chamber. The air within the chamber is then pumped out to create a vacuum, causing sublimation – where the moisture within the flowers changes to vapour. The vapour then changes into ice form and accumulates in the smaller chamber of the freeze drying machine. The result is the best method of flower preservation worldwide, as shrinkage is minimized and majority of the flowers retain their shape, size, shade, and in some instances – smell.

Unlike the widely used home style methods, once freeze dried, our flowers should not wilt or grow mould, in fact, when protected from humidity, full sunlight & insects, they should last a lifetime.

The freeze drying period varies with the density and variety of flowers within the bouquet. On average, each bouquet will stay in the freeze drying machine at a temperature of minus 55 F for approximately 3 -4 weeks. Sometimes bouquets that are very compacted will need to go through a second cycle. This process is slow and can not be rushed. Once the cycle has commenced, we can not open the chamber to remove or to put in flowers.

When the bouquet is dry, it is then manicured by a “flower surgeon”, to ensure it is just perfect. This is a very delicate and intricate process, as the flowers in their freeze dried form are fragile.

Although we predominantly specialize in freeze drying flowers, we can freeze dry just about anything. Some of our more interesting freeze dried objects included insects and food.

We are South Australia’s premier specialists in recovering water damaged documents, such as passports, legal documents, and wills. Some of our clients include museums and libraries, botanical organizations, legal firms and a range of government & private businesses. We are very professional at what we do, and enjoy a strong following from repeat customers.

Bouquet Preservation and Framing
“My First Flowers” framed baby flowers and memorabilia
Floral keepsakes and tributes
Preserved cakes and floral cake toppers
Freeze dried rose petals
Wet document recovery and organic matter preservation
Gift vouchers

Bouquet preservation and framing

A large amount of our work is in preservation and framing of wedding and bridesmaid’s bouquets, table arrangements, buttonholes and corsages.

Our method of floral preservation produces a superior colour and shape of the flowers compared to other traditional methods.

We offer an additional custom framing service with all preserved flowers. We have a selection of mat boards, modern and traditional frames and mirrors to choose from to complete your treasured memento for years to come. We also work in conjunction with a very experienced framer who specialises in framing preserved flowers.

Framing your bouquet will ensure the best protection from all possible environmental hazards, however should you choose not to frame your bouquet, we also have a wide selection of glass domes, glass boxes and glassware to choose from.

“My First Flowers” Framed baby flowers and memorabilia

This is our latest product line, which complements the wedding flowers. “My First Flowers” gives clients the opportunity to preserve their baby’s first flowers. Once preserved, these flowers are then framed together with special memorabilia, such as a photo, birth certificate or other small significant objects.

“My First Flowers” together with the preserved bouquet, create a beautiful story and heirloom in any home.

Floral keepsakes and tributes

An increasingly popular service we provide is the preservation of funeral flowers. Funeral flowers offer a symbolic connection between a loved one and that final good bye. Many of our clients find comfort in creating this special keepsake, it helps them to honor a loved one and pay a special tribute to a life.

Our options are varied, from framed preserved flowers with a special keepsake or photo, glass and dome displays, right through to preserved/silk floral combinations. We take great honor, joy and care in creating such a treasured keepsake, which will be cherished for many years to come.

Preserved cakes and floral cake toppers

Our Freeze Drying Machine allows for excellent food preservation. We preserve cakes and floral cake toppers. This is a wonderful talking piece and a beautiful keepsake.

Freeze dried petals

We are one of Adelaide’s prime suppliers of freeze dried petals. Our carefully selected petals are sourced from South Australian rose farmers only. They are organic and bio-degradable, which makes them ideal for weddings as they will not stain the wedding dress, aisle runner, or linen.

In many cases brides are forbidden from throwing petals by their chosen ceremony venue, however in a majority of the cases our petals are exempt from this as they are organic, and will not cause damage like other products can.

Our first grade petals are sold by the scoop, which equates to roughly three 250ml measuring cups. As a guide, if petals are sold for throwing, we recommend 8 scoops per 100 guests.

We recommend that petals are purchased a maximum of one month prior to the event. If you require a larger quantity, we recommend that you call and check availability in advance.

Our second grade petals are very popular for ground cover, these are a more economic option. Please note that our petals are always changing with seasons and availability.

Our most popular petals are :
Pastel Pink
Bright Pink
Country Mixture
Double Delight

Wet document recovery and organic matter preservation

As South Australia’s only freeze drying company, we also specialize in recovering documents which have been water damaged, such as passports, certificates, and books of importance.

We also preserve a range of other organic matter, which is often used for research, conservation and reference. Some of our clients include museums and libraries, botanical organizations, legal firms and a range of government & private businesses.

Gift vouchers

Our beautifully presented gift vouchers can be purchased for any amount required. They are valid for 12 months from time of issue, and are a popular wedding and new baby present.