How soon after the wedding I need to bring the bouquet to you?

The sooner the better. Flowers are preserved to retain their shape and colour, so for the best results it is important to deliver your flowers to us as soon as possible after the wedding – the following day is ideal. Fresher flowers make for better-preserved flowers. Once they are wilted the damage is irreversible – we can only work with what we have.

What are your opening hours?

Our studio is open strictly by appointment during business and after hours, 7 days a week. This gives brides the opportunity to get flowers to us as soon as possible, a majority of our flowers are supplied to us by Sunday, a day after the wedding.

Where are you located?

Our official address is 18 Dunkley Avenue Firle, just off Glynburn Road, and next door to Glynburn Plaza (which is next door to Kmart). As we are on a corner block, the entrance to our studio is on Frick Avenue, there is an “Enter Here” sign on the cream gate. Please click on “Contact us” for a photo.

How should I look after the flowers before getting them to be preserved?

When it comes to bridal flowers, the most important tip is – DO NOT lay your flowers down on their “face”. Bridal bouquets are usually heavy, and by laying them down, they get bruised. Give the bouquet to someone else to hold, and at the reception, place them in a vase with water. As a general rule keep flowers in water, at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.
DO NOT spray the flowers with anything, including water or hairspray.

Please be advised that the steams of the tear drop shape bouquets are commonly fully covered with florist tape and therefore the stems can’t get access to water, resulting in wilting. It is recommended that all teardrop shape bouquets in particular be delivered to us the day following the wedding, including Sundays.

When transporting the flowers, do not place them in a plastic bag, as it can make them sweat and bruise.

How much does freeze drying cost?

The price of preservation of your bouquet will depend entirely on the size and condition of your flowers. Our price is calculated on the amount of space it will take up in the freeze drying chamber, as well as how labour intensive they are.
This basic price includes the preservation and manicuring of your flowers. As a special memento for loved ones, we also preserve a corsage and buttonhole free of charge with every preserved bouquet.
Please note that we require full payment up front, and there are no eftpos facilities on the premises. Our studio is open by appointment only, and we recommend that you call us on 8333 0442 or 0414 860 400 if you have any further queries.

Should I put my wedding bouquet in a fridge or freezer before coming to you?

DO NOT put your flowers in the fridge or the freezer. This may lead to bruising, and cause the flowers to wilt, and create irreversible damage. It is most important to keep the flowers hydrated, and away from heat and direct sunlight.

Can I throw my bouquet at the wedding?

Many of our brides have a smaller throwing bouquet made up just for this purpose, that way they get to keep their precious bouquet intact.

Can I decide to frame my flowers after they are freeze dried?

Absolutely! Many of our brides decide to frame after their bouquet is preserved. We have a selection of frame samples and mat boards for you to choose from during our consultation stage. At this stage you can also select any mementos you would like to include in the frame with your flowers, popular choices are buttonholes, photos, Sefanas (Greek wedding ceremony crowns) horseshoe, and marriage certificates.

Are all flowers suitable for freeze drying?

Generally all flowers do preserve quite well, roses are the best for retaining their shape and colour, however the following flowers do not preserve as well as others: Anthurium, Gerberas, Frangipanis, Tropical foliage, Chrysies, Cactus/succulents. After the freeze drying process there may be a slight colour difference; pure white flowers will become more creamy and bright red more burgundy.

How can I look after my already freeze dried bridal bouquet?

To protect your bouquet from insects, dust and any mechanical damage, we recommend to keep your flowers in a glass cabinet or a glass domes. However the ideal option is to frame the arranged bouquet behind glass.

It is very important to keep your bouquet away from a direct sunlight, spot lighting or strong heat sources (air conditioner/heater outlets). Keep your bouquet where you can see it and enjoy it.

We take great responsibility in looking after your flowers, and we provide our customers with “after care” instructions, however we are unable to take responsibility for any damage once the flowers leave our premises.